Classes will run as scheduled Friday April 20, 2018.

Thank you for considering COCA’s University City location as the venue for your event! Please note, our availability for external rentals is very limited due to COCA’s own programming needs. Daytime usage (September – May) is more widely available.

Beginning in January 2018, the COCA Founders’ Theatre is closing for renovations, and we will no longer be renting the space. This is part of an expansion and renovation as a result of Create Our Future: A Campaign for COCA.

We look forward to offering more availability for space rentals, including a new, state-of-the-art theatre, at the completion of our project!

Large Spaces

Anheuser-Busch Black Box Theatre
The Black Box Theater is a truly dynamic space capable of fitting almost any need: rehearsal, small performances, social event, meeting – you name it! The space measures 48′ x 35′ with a sprung wood floor of red oak painted black. The Black Box Theatre comes complete with all of your theatre tech needs.

Staenberg Studio
This stunning space measuring 56′ x 37.5′ is available exclusively for dancers and other performance artists. Complete with sound system, a beautiful curved glass window, mirror-covered walls, ballet barres, a Balanchine sprung wood floor of red oak covered with a marley floor, it’s a space that will inspire you. This studio was designed with circus needs in mind, so the ceiling includes fixtures for aerial work.

Medium to Small Spaces

Messing Studio
A great space for dancers needing performance, rehearsal space or instructional needs.
Mirror-lined walls, barres, a Balanchine sprung wood floor of oak measuring 36.5′ x 19.5′ and great natural light make this a wonderful space for your dancing needs.

Rechter Studio   
COCA’s Rechter Studio is a great space for dancers to train and rehearse. There are mirrors on three walls, a great sound system and a Balanchine sprung wood floor of maple covered with a marley floor. The east-facing windows make this a delight in the early hours of the day. It measures 52′ x 18.5′.

Peabody Energy Studio  
Dance away the day in this space equipped with trapeze fixtures. The Peabody Energy Studio is yet another great space available for dancers and others who are looking for rehearsal or performance space. It comes with three mirror-lined walls, ballet barres and a complete sound system. The floor of this studio is a Balanchine sprung wood floor of maple covered with a marley floor. It measures 19′ x 47.5′.

Kranzberg Studio  
The Kranzberg Studio is available for dance rehearsals. The lower level room gives more light control. The two floor surfaces – a sprung wood floor of oak covered with a marley floor (20′ x 44′) abutting a tile floor (17.5′ x 44′) – offer a range of possibilities.

Bensinger Studio  
This intimate room designed with acoustics in mind is great for small gatherings, meetings or any music needs. The carpeted space is ideal for music and voice rehearsals, small social events or even business meetings, and the acoustically treated walls are a visual treat. This room measures 18.5′ x 23.5′.

Moore Studio   
This visual arts space can accommodate business or social rental needs in addition to any art and craft projects needs. Whether you’re looking to host a craft or art class, hold a meeting for your creative team or just have a social event in an interesting space, the Moore Studio is likely to fit the bill. This room measures 17.5′ x 23.5′ and includes a sink and counters.

Cohen Rosenthal Studio    
Like the Moore Studio, the Cohen Rosenthal Studio is a perfect hub for creative energy. This multipurpose space is ideal for meetings, gatherings or creative projects. This room has a sink and counters, a great view and excellent lighting. It measures 10′ x 20.5′.