Classroom teachers can collaborate with COCA’s education staff and teaching artists to design both short- and long-term arts education residencies.

As part of school day residencies, we also offer school groups the opportunity to visit COCA, see SchoolTime matinees as part of the COCA Presents theatre series and visit COCA’s Millstone Gallery.

COCA offers residencies in the following areas:

Residencies offered in choreography, contemporary, creative movement, hip-hop, jazz, modern, West African

Dancing a Peaceful World
The residency uses dance technique and creative movement to help students develop and improve their skills in peaceful interaction. Inspired by the story of Sadako and the 1000 Cranes, and by the behavioral patterns of actual cranes the students will use creative movement and dance skills drawn from modern dance, ballet, and jazz/hip hop to create their own choreography as part of a larger dance based on Sadako’s story.

Digital Media
Residencies offered in film and video, photography, stop motion animation

Digital Video Production (Grades 5-12)
Students brainstorm, write, produce, shoot, and edit their own video project while learning about camera operation, shooting angles and techniques, lighting, editing, animation and special effects. The final project, which may be either narrative or documentary format, will debut at a school assembly or parent event.

Theatre/Literary Arts
Residencies offered in creative drama, acting, creative writing, improvisation, musical theatre, playwriting, poetry, storytelling

Storytelling and Literacy through the Arts
Featuring award winning storyteller and author-educator, Lynn Rubright and acclaimed drama-music specialist, Diane Davenport, this residency presents Ms. Rubright’s book, Mama’s Window for grades 4-7. These master teachers vibrantly demonstrate how classroom teachers can bring existing curriculum to life across many disciplines. With teacher planning and input, this residency blends language arts (reader’s theatre, improvisation, creative writing), social studies (regional history, geography, and character education (emphasizing compassion, empathy, conflict resolution), with science (study of swamp life). Literacy skills are also enhanced through movement and music (singing and song writing) activities.

Residencies offered in singing, songwriting, African percussion

African Rhythms
Students participate in a hands-on exploration of the different instruments in the drum orchestra. Playing hand drums, stick drums and a variety of small percussion instruments, they learn traditional rhythms of West Africa. As they work with the music and rhythms students discover the culture and countries the music comes from and even try out the language.

Visual Arts
Residencies offered in anime and manga, comic books, collage, drawing, fiber arts/textiles, mosaic, murals, painting, printmaking, sculpture

The Young Illustrator
Students learn how words and images interrelate in an illustrated book. The process starts with descriptive writing, then shows students how an illustrator decides which elements to enhance, create context or tell entirely in pictures. Varied styles of illustration are examined, from pencil drawings to collage, and students decide which to use as they create a fully illustrated book of their own.