Spring Break Arts Camps


Location: COCA

Event Time(s):
Mar 18, 2013 - Mar 22, 2013


March 18-22, 2013

Register Early!  2012 Spring Break Camps Sold Out Quickly. Before and after care available. 

Ages 3-5   
Globe Trotters
Age: 3 - 5.  Send your child on a trip around the world. We’ll spin the globe each day and find ourselves in an exciting land where we’ll create artwork, drama and dance inspired by the surprise country we visit. No need to bring a passport - we’ll create our own!     
Mar 18-Mar 22                9:00-11:45AM
$135.00  H$125.00     
Susan Rasch, Carrie Fernandez

Ages 4-5   
Island Hopping
Age: 4 - 5.  Explore the marvels of sand and sea in this camp for island enthusiasts. We’ll practice our hula dance tie dye shirts, string shark tooth necklaces and read about cultures on islands such as: Hawaii, Fuji and St. Lucia. Inspired by these diverse cultures, we will create our own play that celebrates island hopping.   
Mar 18-Mar 22                12:15- 3:00PM
$135.00  H$125.00     
Carrie Fernandez, Camden St. Claire

Ages 6-8   
Passport Latin America
Age: 6 - 8.  Join us for a sampling of art and food from Latin America. Students with adventurous taste buds will enjoy time in the kitchen creating dishes from Mexico as well as Central and South American countries. We’ll explore the rich fine arts traditions of the region and create artwork inspired by Frieda Kahlo, Diego Rivera and contemporary muralists.   
Mar 18-Mar 22                9:00-11:45AM
$165.00  H$155.00     
Cynthia Panian, Camden St. Claire

Dance Around the World
Age: 6 - 8.  Get your ticket for this whirlwind trip around the world! We’ll stop in Italy, Mexico, Ghana and Greece as we explore a different country and culture each day. Through dance and visual art projects we will explore the arts from around the world.   
Mar 18-Mar 22                12:15- 3:00PM
$135.00  H$125.00     
Maria Ojascastro, Katie Scarato

Ages 9-11   
Camp Africa
Age: 9 - 11.  Campers will engage in a high-energy, fun-filled week in which they learn about the cultures of West Africa through traditional West African dance, playing the djembe drum, storytelling and making their own African mask.   
Mar 18-Mar 22                9:00-11:45AM
$135.00  H$125.00     
Diadie Bathily, Caph Guei   

Culinary Passport
Age: 9 - 11.  Students will learn about, create and taste foods from around the world in this camp focused on international cuisine. They will take a culinary trip from Italy and France to China, Mexico and the Middle East as they explore a wide range of cooking styles. Along the way they will learn about kitchen safety and practice basic kitchen skills.
Mar 18-Mar 22                12:15- 3:00PM
$165.00  H$155.00     
Cynthia Panian

Ages 11-16   
Chinese Acrobatics
Age: 11 - 16.  Dive head first into this intensive opportunity to create your own circus. Increase technical skills in stationary trapeze, trampoline, silks, low wire, juggling, acrobatics, magic and clowning. Achieve the perfect balance of grace, athleticism and comedy as you collaboratively create a production.  
Mar 18-Mar 22                9:00AM- 3:00PM
$225.00  H$210.00     
Oh My Gosh Josh Routh


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