Previous exhibitions in the Millstone Gallery at COCA


      Stewart Halperin - Color... My World
      Carol Fleming Marks - Living Bridge
      Maria Ojascastro and Rudy Zapf - Breathe


      Jessica Baran - Ideas of Order
      Edna Patterson-Petty - Generating the Future
      Connie Swinson and Sara Swinson - Memories of the Future
      Meredith Foster
      Hap Phillips and Nita Turnage Wee See Saw


      Maggie Taylor - Almost Alice
      Lisa Bulawsky - Four Chapters in the Present We Were
      Southern Graphics Council International Concerence Print Exhibition
    (participating artists: Robert Gober, Kerry James Marshall) - Everybody's Autobiography
     Jules Feiffer: A Dance to Jules Feiffer


      Michael Eastman and Master Artist Series Students
      COCA Faculty Exhibition: Building Community
      Interface, curated by Amanda Verbeck
      Timothy Hutchings


      Kit Keith: Present to Past
      Arny Nadler
      private (dis)play
      Jill Evans Petzall: In-Different Light


      Brandon Anschultz: Transmission/Destination
      Personal Allegories
      Didi Dunphy: Recess Playscape ( View video on exhibit.)
      Iain Fraser: Protoplace
      Peter Shank: Journey
      Young Vision 2
      William LaChance, Jesse Thomas, Ian Weaver: Personal Allegories


      Carmon Colangelo, Joan Hall, Peter Marcus: There and Here
      Ann Coddington Rast: merging
      Grant W. Miller: Defined Reality
      Lesley Dill: The Thrill Came Slowly


      Recent Trends: Works on Paper (juried by Michael Byron)
      Claire Cowie: Roundabout
      Bill Keaggy: Junk Science
      Tom Huck: Social Commentary in Black and White


      In the Narrative: Textiles/Object/Word

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