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June 22-26:

Musical Theatre Audition – Full Day

Designed for “triple threat” actors who want to refine their skills and improve their audition technique. Students will focus on the process and performance of songs, learn how to manage a musical theatre dance call by learning technique and vocabulary, as well as select and rehearse audition monologues. Led by a professional actor, a vocal coach and a dancer, students are challenged to reach their individual potential.The studio will end with a mock audition. Features multiple professional teaching artists to present a variety of arts disciplines.

Teaching Artists: 
Grace Austin
Henry Palkes
Alisa Cooper

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June 29-July 2:

Songwriting and Recording – Full Day

Students work with professional songwriters and musicians to create the lyrics and melodies. We focus on technical voice skills, such as diction, breathing, phrasing, and tone production, and will offer piano, guitar, and vocal accompaniment as needed. We revise, refine, and rehearse our songs and record them using online applications.

Teaching Artists: 
COCA Faculty
Syrhea Conoway

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July 6-10:

Voice Intensive I: Acting the Song – Full Day

The focus of this vocal intensive is to highlight the importance of acting in vocal performance. We work to intellectually and emotionally understand the song’s story and connect method-acting technique to vocal production. While technical vocal instruction, such as basic sight-reading, diction, breathing, and tone production, is covered, the broader goal of the intensive is to help participants connect with the audience and sing in a more expressive way. The intensive is taught using live instruction and breakout rooms in zoom to emphasize one on one coaching. Instructors: Michael Beatty, NYC actor, singer, and Broadway vocal coach; Phil Woodmore, musical director, composer, singer, and Broadway vocal coach. Voice students not currently studying at COCA should audition by submitting a video of one minute of singing to Shawna Flanigan, Director of Arts Education, at All singers leave the intensive with two contrasting songs prepared for their vocal portfolio.

Teaching Artists: 
Phil Woodmore
Michael Beatty

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