Ballet V

In this class, students continue to work on various types of pirouettes, adding multiple turns where appropriate. They learn to sustain and stabilize longer adagios in the center in all standard poses with a rise to demi-pointe, gain power for jumps both with and without beats, and develop a repertoire of intermediate ballet steps including work on one supporting leg. A live accompanist is used in this class. Students must demonstrate appropriate skills in a COCA placement class.

Ages 13 to 18

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Course Sessions

CodeDayStart dateEnd dateStart timeEnd timeAge
17459Thursday10-Sep-2017-Dec-2005:00 PM06:25 PM13 to 18
17461Sunday13-Sep-2013-Dec-2001:30 PM02:55 PM13 to 18
17458Monday14-Sep-2014-Dec-2004:30 PM05:55 PM13 to 18
17460Saturday12-Sep-2019-Dec-2012:30 PM01:55 PM13 to 18