Reconnecting with Confidence

“Science will get us out of this. Art will get us through this.” –Mo Willems

Take some time to build confidence and reconnect with others. Using movement-based Theatre for Social Change activities and exercises on trust and empathy, this workshop is led by a professional theatre teaching artist to help participants rediscover what it means to be human. Appropriate social distancing will be enforced, and participants and facilitators are required to wear masks for the entirety of the workshop.


Tap into what COCAbiz does best. These are no pre-recorded webinars. These are interactive. You will actively participate, alongside others, through application and understanding of techniques, led by an acclaimed COCAbiz Teaching Artist. Each workshop is live and dynamic, providing a real-time, creative leadership training experience in a fun atmosphere of innovation and camaraderie.

Acting with Empathy

A virtual empathy workshop based on our popular in-person Acting with Awareness. Not designed as a “quick fix” or intervention for acute conflict situations, nor as a tutorial on diversity or bias, this workshop is instead an opportunity to spark reflection and discovery. Based on a series of Theatre for Social Change exercises and games, the activity includes a reflective conversation to bridge a wide variety of backgrounds, demographic characteristics, and cultures.

Leading Ladies: Communicating with Intention

Using current research and the actor’s toolkit, our COCAbiz professional theatre teaching artist will help you discover how to use engaged listening, intentional language, and gratitude to build authentic leadership presence and inspire others.

Storytelling for Your Career

Whether entering the job search, looking to change fields, or simply refreshing your personal brand, this will inspire you to use the power of storytelling language to communicate complex ideas clearly and make a memorable impression. Led by a professional writer/creative writing teaching artist.

Designing Your Future

Using materials found at home and guidance from a professional visual artist/visual teaching artist you will translate your vision and goals into your very own work of inspiration. Pulling from famous artists’ distinct styles and memorable pieces, this workshop will leave you feeling energized and focused on the future.

Creativity & Innovation for Adaptive Leadership

Agility and change management are paramount for success. Led by a professional actor/theatre teaching artist, this workshop uses the art of applied improv to flex the creativity necessary to lead in unprecedented times.

To schedule a workshop or to have a conversation about customizing an experience for your team, please contact Will Bonfiglio, Director of COCAbiz, for details at

Special rates for non-profits available.