COVID-19 Updates

COCA Health & Safety Procedures Update

May 18, 2021

Dear COCA Families,

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the St. Louis County Department of Public Health updated their guidance for face coverings and social distancing for fully vaccinated individuals. These new CDC guidelines are very exciting and another step to getting us all back to some semblance of normal! 

The CDC has amended their guidance for K–12 institutions and recommends schools continue to use the current COVID-19 prevention strategies for the 2020–2021 school year. COCA aligns very closely with educational institutions with our service to the K–12 age groups and our educational environment.

We have been evaluating how this new guidance will affect events, classes, and camps scheduled over the next few months. Our priority is always the health and well-being of our stakeholders, especially our students. Many of our students have not had the opportunity to become fully vaccinated. With that, COCA is maintaining our current health and safety policies for mask-wearing, social distancing, and screening.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance as we continue to ensure everyone is safe and healthy when visiting the COCA campus. We will remain abreast of the ever-changing guidelines from the CDC and St. Louis County and communicate when updates to COCA procedures are warranted.

For a full list of COCA’s Health & Safety Procedures and what patrons should expect, visit

“Safer at Home” Virtual Learning Update

NOV 16, 2020

Dear COCA Families,

First and foremost, I hope you are safe and healthy.

As you probably heard, St. Louis County is implementing a new “Safer at Home” order beginning end of day on Monday, November 16, 2020. With the new order, COCA’s previously approved COVID-19 operating plans have been revoked. Thus, as of Tuesday, November 17, we will be moving to all virtual classes and performances.

Anticipating this as a possibility, our semester was designed as a hybrid model—able to pivot back and forth between in-person and virtual learning. We believe this transition will be relatively smooth for our students, families and community and we thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding as we navigate this challenging year.

We understand that a move to a virtual platform is disappointing news. We will continue to adjust our plans in response to the situation and work with St. Louis County in hopes to return to in-person learning for the Winter/Spring semester.

To help make this transition as seamless as possible, our Patron Services team is available to answer your questions, provide technology support, and assist in making virtual classes possible for your family. Our Patron Services team can be reached by email at, or by phone at 314.725.6555.

For help with some of the most common virtual learning questions, visit

Fall Classes

All fall classes will continue at their regularly scheduled day and time through Zoom. If you participated in livestream classes through Vimeo, your class will now be through Zoom.

Accessing your class:
To access the Zoom link for your class, visit our virtual class webpage:

Fall 2020 Virtual Classes

The virtual class webpage also will be accessible from the home page of our website.

The password to access the webpage will be sent to current students by email.

COCAcooks classes:
If you are registered for a COCAcooks class, you will receive an email prior with instructions for when to pick up your Create Crate and the link for your Zoom class.

Company Rehearsals

COCA companies will continue to rehearse virtually.

Accessing your rehearsal:
To access the rehearsal schedule and Zoom link, visit our company rehearsals webpage:

Fall 2020 Company Rehearsals

The company rehearsals webpage also will be accessible from the home page of our website.

The password to access the webpage will be sent to company members by email.

Upcoming Performances

COCA Presents performances of Joyful: Growing, Learning, Performing; Manual Cinema’s Christmas Carol; and The Winter Improv Troupe, were designed to be presented as virtual events. Information on our 2020–2021 performances is available at

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are grateful for everyone’s support of COCA as do our best to serve our community in these extraordinary circumstances. As always, you can find the most up-to-date information regarding our COVID-19 operations and safety protocols on our website:

Stay well,

Kelly Pollock
COCA Executive Director

COVID-19 Update for COCA Families

NOV 13, 2020

Dear COCA Families,

I hope you are well. We are aware of the new COVID-19 restrictions from St. Louis County and are in the process of adjusting all of our programs and operations in accordance with the latest information made available from county officials.

COCA will continue our current operations through close of business on Monday, November 16. Starting Tuesday, November 17, we will pivot to all virtual classes and performances. A full, detailed update on changes to our operations and schedule will be shared on Monday.

While moving to our virtual platform is not ideal, we anticipated this shift and are prepared. We are confident that we have the infrastructure in place to make this transition as smooth as possible for all of our students and families.

Please check your inbox on Monday for further details on this transition to virtual. And, as always, you can find the most up-to-date information regarding our COVID-19 operations and safety protocols:

Through all of this, we are deeply grateful for your resilience, flexibility, and trust as we continue to navigate through these uncertain conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Stay safe, and enjoy your weekend,

Kelly Pollock
COCA Executive Director

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