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COCA placement classes

 2018 Placement Class | May 15-17 at COCA

In an effort to streamline registration and maintain the highest quality of instruction in the classroom, COCA holds Dance Placement Classes for Intermediate through Advanced Levels. This process will ensure that both returning and new students are placed in the appropriate levels prior to the start of the Fall 2018 semester. All students in Intermediate through Advanced dance classes will need to attend a Placement Class as a pre-requisite to enrolling in the class. All students who participate in a Placement Class will receive an electronic Placement Letter, which should be brought with them when they come to register.

Please pre-register for Placement Classes online here or visit the COCA Registration Office.

Current COCA students should attend the Placement Class for the level they will have just completed during the Winter/Spring 2018 Semester to show their mastery of the skill sets taught within that level.  Any student that believes they should move into the Intermediate Levels must also attend the Intermediate 1 Placement class.

New students, please find the class that fits within your age range and we will evaluate your level within the placement class.

  •  Intermediate 1- Ages 10-11
  •  Intermediate 2- Ages 12-13
  •  Intermediate 3- Ages 13-14
  •  Intermediate 4- Ages 14-15
  •  Advanced- Ages 15-18