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Full Day Camp (9:00AM–3:00PM)
Ages 9–14

Ballet Studio is COCA’s Jr. Ballet Intensive. This full-day, 3-week intensive includes ballet, modern, and character technique classes led by American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum Pre-Primary-Level 5 Certified Instructors. Students focus on elements to improve their training as performing artists: musicality, the expressiveness of contrasting movement energies, character development, and human emotion. Technical focus includes exercises to build the strength in core, legs, and feet required to be successful in many areas: allegro, adagio, turning movements, pre-pointe/Pointe, and Men’s class.  The dancers learn the process of preparing for a performance. Each summer, we choose one particular ballet and explore the story, characters, and choreography.

The intensive is divided into two sections based on each dancer’s ability. Dancers must be levels Ballet II, IIA, III, IV or V (if currently enrolled at COCA) or have completed more than three years of classical ballet training. Only students with previous experience and display adequate skill will be on Pointe. All others will work toward that goal in pre-pointe. The intensive culminates with a free, open performance for family and friends on Friday, July 23 at 7:00PM.


Norma Gabriel
Carrie Fernandez
Leigh Brockman Horowitz