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Join us for the opening of our newest exhibition in The Millstone Gallery—Make It Pop by Jared Minnick! Stop by and marvel at large-scale portraiture that “pops” with color from local self-taught contemporary pop-artist Jared Minnick. Featuring music by Syna So Pro.

Make It Pop Gallery Opening
Friday, September 17, 2021
The Millstone Gallery at COCA

Make It Pop is open from September 17–November 7. The Millstone Gallery is open and free to the public.

Gallery Opening Event to Feature Music by Syna So Pro

Syna So Pro, Syrhea Conaway, is a one woman band who uses a multiplex of effects pedals, rack units, mixers, instruments, and beats to create her live sound. Lyrically, Syna So Pro sings of emotional rebirth through self-discovery and the challenges of bringing us closer to our inner self, but her latest double album CHILL/HYPE effectively gives depth to the emotional range of self-reflection without words. Focusing on the nerdery of intertwining melodies, chord progressions, and sounds, Syna So Pro creates an aural ride that will etch itself in the minds of the listeners. Dubbed “A One Woman Musical Enigma,” Conaway’s sonic experiences do not disappoint.