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Playwright’s Corner Speaker: Hear from St. Louis artists Regina Taylor and Mariah Richardson as they discuss the tools and power of playwrights as well as the importance of new work that inspires and lead us to a brighter path.

Regina Taylor
Mariah Richardson







This conversation is followed by Suffer the Children.

This fall, COCAwrites offers a unique chance to engage with a play in process through a special reading of Suffer the Children, written by St. Louis playwright Mariah Richardson.

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The Story:
Suffer the Children is part of a series of plays about Delilah, a young girl exploring questions of community and coming-of-age in St. Louis.  This dramatic piece looks at issues of race, white supremacy, gun violence, and immigration, highlighting the real fears that children, and adults, face today. The play asks St. Louis audiences to lean in and listen to the words and seek restoration through the ideas of our young people.

Join us in participating in the development process as student artists perform for both a socially-distanced live audience and an at-home audience via livestream.

About COCAwrites:

COCAwrites promotes the writing and development of new plays for multi-generational theatre audiences through collaboration and mentorship among professional and student playwrights, directors, actors, designers and dramaturgs. Students in this program will workshop new plays and musicals written by professional composers and playwrights from around the country while having the chance to develop their own new plays and musicals with the mentorship of these leaders. This program combines directing, playwriting, acting, dramaturgy, design-tech, and stage management to bring professional and student written plays to life. COCA is thrilled to offer this training to students as new work gains attention and priority on all stages across America’s theatres.

About COCA’s Speaker Series:

COCA’s Speaker Series brings thought-provoking and inspiring work and conversation to our stage and your home in this unique opportunity to experience more than just the show. Throughout the COCA Presents season, we tap professional artists across arts disciplines to share their experiences, the stories behind their work, and their visions for the future of performing arts.

While the performing arts community has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, COCA’s Speaker Series celebrates some of the many artists still hard at work; the visionaries keeping the stage light on.

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