Why We’re Excited for Kathryn Finney to Lead Our Next BizSession


Founder and Managing Director of digitalundivided (DID), Kathryn Finney is kind of a big deal. An honors graduate of Yale University and Rutgers University, Kathryn received the Champion of Change Award in 2013 from the White House for her work increasing inclusion in the tech industry and is an Eisenhower Fellow. But accolades aside, this is why we’re really excited to host her next month:

When She’s Told No, She Finds a Way to Yes

While attending an incubator program for her tech start-up, Kathryn was told she had no chance of raising money as a black woman (This message was delivered by the head of her incubator, a white male.)

So in 2012, she decided to create digitalundivided (DID) to provide Black and Latina women entrepreneurs with the network, coaching, and funding to succeed in the startup industry, from the build phase to exit. Read More

She Does the Work — And the Research

In 2016, under Kathryn’s leadership, DID released #ProjectDiane, their proprietary research study about the state of Black women in tech entrepreneurship in the United States. 60,000+ startups were examined, 350 Black women-led companies were submitted and 88 Black women-led startups were studied. The study includes a list of the schools that produce the most Black women founders, a list of the 11 Black women founders who’ve raised over $1 million dollars in outside funding, and suggestions for future action. Learn More

Her Efforts Have Made a BIG Impact on the Tech Scene.

DID, though the BIG Innovation Center and the 16-week BIG Accelerator Program, has to-date helped build 52 companies and raise $25 million in investments since inception. Read More

She’ll Address Real Steps in Tackling the Barriers to Increasing Diversity

You can’t innovate without diversity. Period. Yet most proposed solutions to increasing diversity in tech and entrepreneurship fall short. So what’s the solution? Join us March 6 and find out:

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