Audrey Lucas

Audrey Lucas joined COCA part time as the COCAbiz and Development Fellow in 2016, transitioning to the full time position of Development Assistant in 2017. Her current responsibilities include processing gifts, pledges and grants, as well as database management and a variety of tasks supporting fundraising efforts. A native Alabamian, Audrey graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Social Work. She relocated to St. Louis in 2013 to further her education, where she earned a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Social and Economic Development from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to joining COCA, Audrey worked with Washington University in St. Louis’ Office for Socially Engaged Practice and International Alumni and Development Programs. Additionally, she served on the board of the National Association of Social Workers and completed her undergraduate practicum at their Executive Office in Washington, D.C. where she focused on social policy.

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