Lauren Cram

St. Louis fashion designer Lauren Cram lives vicariously through the alter-ego-of-a-clothing line that she’s concocted, VICTROLA. Bold, sassy, and daring — her designs take on an alter ego that she strives to be. “As a kid, I practically grew up in a dance studio,” recalls Cram. “I was working on being the next prima ballerina. But, what I was always the most excited about was getting to put makeup on and getting into character with my costume. I realized at a young age, that clothes could transform you. With a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design & Product Development from Missouri State University, Cram interned under the direction of well-known fashion designer, Lauren Moffatt, in her New York based studio. Cram furthered her knowledge of the fashion industry and what it truly requires to be a successful designer. The VICTROLA designer also worked for several years at a local apparel manufacturing plant in The Hill where she served as a production manager, gaining experience in mass production of apparel. A production manager by day and a designer by night- Cram was named one of UsTrendy’s Top 100 Designers to Watch in 2010, participating in various fashion shows including Saint Charles Fashion Week, GroveFest, RAW Artists, Kansas City Fashion Week, Pins & Needles, and Fashion Week San Diego.