Art is a mirror and we all deserve to be represented in the reflection. By bringing diverse communities together through the arts, COCA changes the way people approach the world. Their sparks of passion and talent become real-life experiences and life-long success. But for each young talent who rises to exceed his or her dreams, there are countless others with boundless potential waiting in the wings. The Richard Baron Leaership Circle allows COCA to provide scholarships, achieve artistic excellence, maintain stable operations, and build community engagement across St. Louis.

We want to do more. JOIN US, and we can.


Make a Difference

Membership in the Leadership Circle starts at $1,500 per year and helps to provide close to $1 million in individual scholarships and arts education programs to St. Louis area schools.

Levels of Support

$1,500 Annually

  • Recognition on signage, in the COCA Annual Report and in special print communications
  • Advance invitations and early registration for COCA programs
  • Two complimentary tickets to FLAME

$2,500 Annually

  • All of the above, plus two additional complimentary tickets to FLAME (four total)

$5,000 Annually

$10,000 Annually

  • All of the above, plus use of the COCA Millstone Gallery for one private event

$15,000 Annually

  • All of the above, plus use of the COCA Anheuser-Busch Black Box Theatre for one private event

$25,000 Annually

  • All of the above, plus use of the COCA Founders’ Theatre and Emerson Studio for one private event

$50,000 Annually

  • All of the above, plus use of the COCA facility for a private event

COCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and does not receive United Way or any taxpayer support.

Richard Baron Leadership Circle Donors 2016-2017

Rhonda and Carlton Adams
Phyllis and Kevin Anderson
Barbara and Steve Archer
Barbara and Barry Beracha
Catherine and James Berges
Emily Baron Bernstein and Scott Bernstein
Nida and Chad Bockert
Lee Bohm
Lisa and Greg Boyce
Susy Broderick
Chrissy and Lee Broughton
Betsey and Hunter Brown
Julie and Bob Burmeister
Barb and Steve Burrows
Lisa Caplan and Shane Hieronymus
Lisa and Tom Carnahan
Robin Carnahan and Juan Carlos Antolinez
Amy Drummond and Bill Carson
Gian Cavallini
Mary and Bob Ciapciak
Maxine Clark and Bob Fox
Janet and Hank Cole
Molly and Chris Danforth
John Davis
Pamela Dern
DM3 Fund
Hazel and Arnold Donald
Kay Drey
Angie and Brian Dunn
Meg and Sam Eveland
Kate Ewing
Alison and John Ferring
Shereen and Michael Fischer
Fox Family Foundation
Angela and Brendan Freeman
Susan Sylvia and Rob Fucetola
Nancy and Michael Georgen
Sue and Norm Gilbert
Amy and Amrit Gill
Erica and Edward Glanz
Gregory Glore
Carolyn Gold
Stephanie Gold
Ken Goldberg
Paul and Susan K. Goldberg
Stacey Goldman and Tim Greenwald
Barbara B. Goodman
Diedre and Michael Gray
Nancy and Randy Green
Sharon and Marc Gunter, MD
Kathy and Mike Hart
Kim and Bob Hartmann
Jill and David Hauck
John C. Hauck
Elizabeth Hazzard
Lauren Herring and Ted Disabato
Jennifer and Tom Hillman
Cheryl Holman
Patti and Bart Holtzman
Suzanne and Thomas Hough
Linda and Jesse Hunter
Suzanne and Jim Johnson
Kristin and P.K. Johnson
Sally Johnston
David Joyner and Bill Lawton
Karen Kalish
Michele Rose-Kaplan and Larry Kaplan
Peggy and Lee Kaplan
Stacey and Eric Karlovic
Heather Woofter and Sungho Kim
Carol and Ward Klein
Janet and Newell “Jim” Knight
Ann Lee Konneker
Karen and Larry Kotner

Dottie and Kent Kreh
Pam and Jim Krekeler
Kim Kuehner
Noreen and Tom Laffey
Amy Lefton
Geralynn and Bob Lord
Susan and Danny Ludeman
Pam and John Mandelker
Kathy Manganaro
Elizabeth Mannen
Kelly and Kory Mathews
Sharon Buchanan-McClure and Richard McClure
Anne and Kevin McCormack
Becky Brown and John McHugh
Melissa and Rob Merlin
Terese Messman
Becky and Tom Minogue
Anne and David Morgan
Ranjana and Jeffrey Morgan
Laura and Cameron Murray
Elizabeth and Richard Nix, Jr.
Lynne and Brooks Parriott
Jane and Dave Peacock
Susan and Aaron Perlut
Pershing Charitable Trust
Susie and Gordon Philpott
Carrie and Bill Polk
Kelly and Mitch Pollock
Kanika Pandey and Shrikant Ramachandran
Stephanie and Anthony Randall
Dana and Ron Redwing
Lisa and Andy Remack
Stephanie Riven and Roger Goldman
Susie and Jonathan Sachs
Susan and Jerome Schlichter
Stephanie Schnuck
Mary and Steven Schoolman
Susan and Michael Scully
Terry Moore Shepley and John Shepley
Wendi and Shannon Sock
Ohana Foundation
Kathleen and Doug Sprong
Mary Ann and Andrew Srenco
Carol and Michael Staenberg
Marilyn and Ken Steinback
Jarona and Bill Stevens
Mary Strauss
Susan and Greg Sullivan
Caryl and Alan Sunshine
Richard and Eliot Tao
Alex and Ty Thornhill
Patti and Holden Thorp
Sherri and James Tichenor
Linda and John Tracy
Pam and Greg Trapp
Sarah H. Trulaske
Jane and Robert Tschudy
Elizabeth Tucker
Susan and Kent Turner
Lisa and Andrew Tuteur
Susan and Peter Tuteur
Laura Vowell and Sean Blythe
Christy Beckmann and Jim Vykopal
Ellen and John Wallace
Todd and Sarah Weaver
Laurie Garland and Michael Weisman
Sarah and Michael Wendt
Robin and Tim Wentworth
Peter and Linda Werner
Susan and Joe Werner II
W. Jack Wichmann
Karen and Samuel Wickline
W. Grant Williams III
Sherry and Gary Wolff
Risa Zwerling and Mark Wrighton