Creativity & Collaboration


Collaboration is integral in any workplace, and healthy teams are the bedrock of project success and organizational effectiveness. Let COCAbiz take your teamwork to the next level by teaching innovative strategies that build resilience, team trust, and the safety to risk new ideas.

COCAbiz offers Creativity & Collaboration workshops to provide a shared experience that pushes participants out of their comfort zone, offering experience with tested processes for approaching opportunities that everyone can apply to real situations.

Design Thinking

UX (User Experience) Design: Planning Solutions with the User at the Center
Design thinking, also known as human-centered or user-centered design, is an approach to problem solving often used in creative fields that focuses planning around what the user will experience. In this workshop, participants learn the step-by-step process and then work as a team to collaboratively vision and implement a creative solution tailored for a specific user.

Creative Collaboration

Practice Team Problem-Solving and Change Management
Effective teamwork in business requires many divergent skills— experimentation, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, embracing risk, consensus building, and other elements of shared leadership practice. In this workshop, teams are encouraged to register as a group to tackle a creative challenge: build the most complicated, “Rube Goldberg” inspired machine out of provided materials to perform a simple task with a set of ever-changing constraints. The result—a fun, team-building experience that reveals strengths and dynamics in your group that can help you seize real-world opportunities for your business.

The Balancing Act

Juggling Priorities and Confidently Taking Risks
These rapidly changing times demand strong decision-making and perseverance. If you have great ideas and need to summon the courage to initiate them, this workshop helps you build that important skill. Through the world of circus arts like low wire, stilts, and juggling; we learn strategies to build consensus around our most powerful and outlandish ideas. We explore activities designed to help you identify your strengths, take risks, focus, and persist.

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KWS has now worked with COCA for a year, and the workshops are always a masterfully constructed balancing act between making the participants comfortable to express themselves and challenging them. COCAbiz has a great repertoire of artists that really understand how to build a culture of trust in our team.

Mathias Labs, Research Scientist, Technical Solutions Team “Genome Editing,” KWS Gateway Research Center