Leading Ladies

A Program to Empower Female-Identifying Leaders

For Ages 21+, the Leading Ladies leadership training program provides participants the opportunity to hone their personal leadership brand and style while building relationships with other inspiring female-identifying leaders. Featuring experiential professional development workshops, Leading Ladies utilizes the arts to encourage participants to expand their creativity and develop effective leadership skills.

Experiment with authentic leadership presence, collaborative communication, and using mindfulness to invite balance—all in a uniquely COCA way! This one-of-a-kind program is for leaders of all ages from any industry.

Although tuition is often covered by some employers, COCA’s sliding scale tuition program may be available to those who qualify. All participants who successfully complete the program will be issued a certificate from COCAbiz.

Leading Ladies Session in Millstone Gallery at COCA

Leading Ladies Session Details

Leading Ladies features several of COCA’s talented female teaching artists in a variety of unique and informative sessions.

SESSION ONE | Setting the Stage | COCA

Our exciting kick-off session is dedicated to understanding different leadership styles and building meaningful connections. Using tenets from the art forms of Improvisation and Theatre, participants explore inspired communication, innovative collaboration, active listening, and authentic empathy. This engaging experience helps you to identify your personal values, examine your incredible strengths, and get to know your wonderful Leading Ladies cohort.

SESSION TWO | The Eye of the Beholder | ZOOM

In this interactive virtual session, we envision our leadership brand by diving into the practice of Visual Art and Design. With an eye toward ourselves and all the amazing qualities we bring to our many roles in life, this session offers you a chance to reflect bravely and dream boldly about the future leader you are meant to become.

SESSION THREE | The Juggling Act | COCA

Building on our work from the previous sessions, we step into the ring and out of our comfort zones to tap into those unknown places to release our inner child and our inner warrior. Activities from the world of the Big Top help ignite our imaginations and let our spirits soar.

SESSION FOUR | Art Mirrors Life | ZOOM

Having to initiate difficult conversations, give feedback, and take disciplinary actions can be uncomfortable for some leaders. In this virtual session, we borrow an assessment tool from the visual arts to encourage leaders to learn how to call someone in, instead of calling them out.

SESSION FIVE | Empower the Character of Your Best Self | COCA

Drawing from the Actor’s toolkit, we engage in activities that help us to align our leadership style to our leadership presence. This confidence-building session shows us how to use voice, body-language, storytelling, and intentional language to become as extraordinary on the outside as you are on the inside. 

SESSION SIX | Step Into the Stoplight | COCA

This fun and physical final session engages us to embrace our greatest potential, with activities to build a solid mind-body connection. Drawing from the beautiful art forms of Dance and Poetry, we explode with charisma and magnetism, as we embody the Leading Ladies we are meant to be!

Teaching Artists

Our COCAbiz teaching artists have extraordinary careers as educators, facilitators, and artists. They are passionate about leveraging the arts to empower women to reach their full potential. Each of them brings their expertise from the stage, studio, and classroom into our unique and experiential leadership program.

Kathryn Bentley
Lee Anne Mathews
Gina Bon Perez
Maria Ojascastro
Alicia Like
Mariel Reynolds
Mariel Reynolds

What Participants Had to Say About the Program

“In classic COCA fashion, Leading Ladies made learning about leadership a powerful journey that was fun and informative at the same time.”

“Every event had a unique impact. They’ve helped me to grow as a person, leader, mother, wife, and friend.”

“I really didn’t know what to expect but I knew if COCA was involved I would enjoy myself. Thank you for giving me the tools and knowledge I needed. Also thank you for the comfortable space to do this class in.”

“I enjoyed every moment.”

“A wonderful opportunity to take a moment, pause, reflect, see yourself, and lead with intention.”

“I highly recommend this workshop for female leaders who desire a different kind of leadership training experience.”