Studio Habits of Mind

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At COCA, we place great emphasis on the student-teacher relationship and value a process-based approach in the studio. COCA’s more than 200 teaching artists are highly qualified arts educators, having professional experience in their art forms and a depth of teaching expertise. Our goal is to inspire students to develop not only skills in the arts, but also gain access to the artistic process of an artist and new ways of thinking that quality arts experiences provide.

8 studio habits of mind

Educational Approach

COCA’s educational approach is rooted in Studio Habits of Mind, a framework developed by a research team from Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This framework helps to define quality teaching and learning across disciplines, sites and programs, and provides a common language for COCA staff, faculty, students, and the community. The eight Studio Habits of Mind impact students beyond the studio and ground COCA’s arts education in youth development goals.


Uplifting the Arts in Our Community

Help COCA continue to provide meaningful arts experiences that foster creativity and confidence for our students.