2021–2022 COCApresents: Re-emergence

Written By: Jennifer Wintzer, Artistic Director of Theatre at COCA This season at COCA we are focused on re-emergence. After months of planning and discussion among COCA’s artistic directors and artists, this theme came to the forefront because of its meaning to our students, professionals, and community. Re-emergence is about the chance to start again;… Read More

Written By: Janelle Velten, COCAedu Program Manager – Arts Integration Specialist COCAedu believes the arts are vitally important for educating students to be good thinkers. Integrating the arts in the classroom provides amazing opportunities for students to engage in the creative process and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Each year, educators gather at the… Read More

Written By: Lee Anne Mathews, COCAbiz Program Assistant Did you know that research suggests that over 70% of women suffer from Imposter Syndrome? I am talking about intelligent, resilient, powerful, successful, compassionate, talented, extraordinary women. And still, we worry that we aren’t good enough. Argh! We have been conditioned to question our own abilities since… Read More