Dance Dress Code

COCA ballet dancers

COCA accepts gender-neutral dance attire in our classes. Dancers may select which option is most comfortable. Dancers should wear clothing that is form-fitting for instructors to see alignment and allows movement without restriction. Attire should provide proper coverage at all times, including through movement.

All dancers are responsible for dressing according to the correct dress codes for their class level. If the dancer does not have the correct attire, they must obtain permission from the instructor to participate or observe the class that day.

For the student’s own safety, large jewelry is not permitted in class. This includes watches, necklaces, large bows, and dangling earrings.   

Appropriate shoes are required and should be worn for each class. Dance shoes are ONLY to be worn in the dance studios and not to be worn outside. Hip-hop students should have a separate pair of sneakers that are not worn outside for the dance studios.

Students are encouraged to arrive and leave the studio wearing their dance attire. We recommended wearing street clothes over dance clothes when entering and exiting the building.

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Where to Purchase Dancewear

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