Student Guidelines & Policies

COCA class guidelines and policies


Students should keep absences to a minimum and are encouraged to make up all missed classes by utilizing our pre-recorded content by the end of the semester. Consistent technical and artistic progress is directly related to regular class attendance. See COCA’s Make-Up Class policy for more information.


Prompt attendance is important for full warmup and curriculum. If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late, they are only allowed to observe their class. If they arrive more than 15 minutes late and have another class following, the student is allowed to warm up themselves and join their next class, as some classes use the previous class as a warmup.

Cancellation Of Classes

In the event that COCA cancels a class for any reason, notice will be posted on the monitors in the lobby and email and text notifications will be sent to inform students and their parents/guardians. Students are encouraged to use our pre-recorded make-up classes in the event of a cancellation or make-up need. 

If inclement weather, a power outage, or unforeseen circumstances necessitate the closing of any COCA program, COCA is not responsible for providing a make-up session, credit, or refund. COCA provides information about closings via email, text messages, local media outlets,, and phone at 314.725.6555.

COCA is reluctant to close the building and cancel classes, but will do so when the danger to those traveling is too great and safety is a concern. See COCA’s Registration Policies for more information.

Make-Up Classes

COVID-19 Update: At this time, there will be no in-person make-up classes. Students are encouraged to use the online Make-Up Class videos.

Students who miss class due to injury, illness, or personal absences are allowed to make up classes within the same semester the absence took place. Absences caused by inclement weather, class cancellation, and building closures are not required to be made up, but it is highly encouraged. 

Students have the option to participate in virtual make-up classes using COCA’s Make-Up Class videos


All students are placed with care and consideration at all levels of training. The changing of levels is always decided with the student’s best interest and advancement in mind; promotion may not occur every year. It is not uncommon for a student to stay at the same level for two or more years. (Each “year” consists of both Fall and Winter/Spring Semesters.) Students should remain in the previous year’s level for Summer classes. If a student is promoted too soon, they will miss valuable training, may struggle in subsequent levels, or become injured. 

Any level changes will be communicated per instructor with Artistic Director and/or Dance Manager approval, or via the results of a placement class. 

Schedule Changes

Individual student schedule changes, such as transfers and withdrawals, can be made during the first three weeks of each semester. After that date, transferring from one class to another is not accepted, and the student must wait until the start of the next session to transfer. Refunds are only given if a withdrawal is completed before the semester begins, unless it’s a medical withdrawal. See Withdrawal Policy for details

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

All students can be dropped off in COCA’s circle drive (Edward Jones Drive). Do not sit idle in the drive. 

All students must be picked up promptly at the end of class or rehearsal by a parent or guardian. Students are under supervision during their instruction time only; faculty and staff are not responsible for supervising students outside of teaching time. In case of emergency, notify Patron Services at 314.725.6555.

Food & Beverages

Food may only be eaten in the designated areas of the building. No food is allowed in the studios, bathrooms, theatre, or dressing rooms. However, closed water bottles are allowed in the studios. All food and waste must be thrown in the garbage cans or recycling bins provided.

Health & Safety Procedures

For the health and safety of the COCA community, COCA’s Health and Safety Procedures set forth current guidelines for operations.


If a student is injured, it is recommended that they observe the class to allow the injury to heal. If a student has an injury requiring doctor’s care, a release form may be necessary to return to class. A student may be allowed to observe class without accumulating absences.

Lost and Found

A lost and found bin is located in the front lobby. Always check promptly for lost items as the bin is emptied at the end of each semester. Valuable items are locked safely at the front desk. It is helpful to have the student’s name on all belongings so that items can be returned promptly. It is wise to leave all valuable items at home. COCA is not responsible for lost items.

Observation Of Classes

Parents/Guardians are invited to wait in the spaces outside each studio and observe their student through the specially designed mirrors. To avoid unnecessary distractions to students and instructors, no one is allowed in the studios to watch classes except during the annual observation periods. One week each semester, parents/guardians are invited into the studios to observe their student’s class. Observers must be respectful of the class, the instructor, and the students, and observe class quietly. Cameras, video, and/or cell phones are not allowed in the studio except on special observation occasions.


The illegal use of alcohol, cigarettes, and controlled substances are strictly forbidden on COCA’s  campus. Students in violation will be dismissed immediately.


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