Student Etiquette & Responsibilities

COCA modern dance class

Classroom Etiquette

Students must adhere to COCA’s Health & Safety Procedures.

Below is a list of general student etiquette rules and responsibilities. If a student does not adhere to general classroom etiquette, the teaching artist has the right to remove the student from class.     

  • Gum and candy are not allowed in class.
  • There is a minimum of allowed talking in class.   
  • Hanging on the barres is not permitted.
  • All students should be in the designated dress code for all classes.
  • Street shoes should not be worn on the marley floors in the dance studios.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the studios or theatre; with the exception of closed water bottles.     
  • All students should pick up after themselves before leaving a studio.   
  • Pianos should be respected at all times. They should not be played without permission, and students should never place items upon them.   
  • Teaching artists and accompanists should be treated with respect at all times.

Communication with Teaching Artists

Due to class scheduling, teaching artists do not have adequate time in-between classes to discuss concerns or questions. We welcome you to set an appointment by emailing the program director or contacting the Registration Office. They will communicate with the appropriate teaching artist or staff member and address any concerns or questions. Teaching artists and staff home phone numbers, addresses, or personal emails will not be given out to students or parents for any reason.   

Day-To-Day Responsibilities

Every student must check in with their teaching artist for attendance. If a student arrives late for class, it is their responsibility to ensure they have been marked present for that day. All students and parents/guardians are responsible for checking the monitors in the lobby for any upcoming events and changes that may occur. Each student will be encouraged to achieve the highest standards of etiquette, artistry, and professionalism. 


Uplifting the Arts in Our Community

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