Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


There are no quick and easy answers. Social change and community divisions centering on race, gender, generational change, immigration, and economic stratification challenge every organization. How do you create a welcoming culture that fosters a diverse workforce and fully engages the creativity and contribution of all employees?

COCAbiz offers the workshop Acting with Awareness not as a didactic presentation of the “right answers” or “correct behaviors.” Instead, the goal is to humanize differences, build self-awareness and empathy, and enhance workplace culture so everyone feels empowered to contribute and build a creative, inclusive, and innovative organization, where everyone can do their best work.

Acting With Awareness

Led by nationally-acclaimed improv and theatre teaching artists, Acting with Awareness is based on a progression of games, collaborative theatre exercises, and reflective discussions that have been designed to surface questions that may be explored by participants themselves.

The program’s exercises can help bridge a wide variety of backgrounds, demographic characteristics, and cultures, using physical and non-verbal communications. Acting with Awareness is not designed as a “quick fix” or intervention for acute conflict situations, nor as a tutorial on diversity or bias, but rather as an opportunity to spark reflection and discovery.

Acting With Empathy

A virtual diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop based on our most popular in-person workshop, Acting with Awareness. This workshop is an opportunity to develop empathy, spark reflection and discovery, and build workplace cultures where everyone can “show up” as their authentic selves. Based on a series of Theatre for Social Change exercises and games, the workshop culminates in a reflective conversation to bridge a wide variety of backgrounds, demographic characteristics, and cultures.

Reigniting Workplace Culture

After a challenging year, employees are facing change as we enter into yet another new normal. Reconnecting with coworkers and clients can be exhilarating and emotional. Meaningful interactions with our colleagues have been proven to boost morale, drive productivity, and create a positive work environment. As we step into a post-pandemic world, our teaching artists help bring your team back together and rebuild yo

ur organization’s culture with inspiration and understanding. Using activities from the performing arts, we lead your group through an experience that helps them reconnect to each other and their professional roles using empathy, adaptability, collaboration, and joyful interaction.

COCAbiz is a great partner for my organization as we continue on our inclusion and diversity journey. The Acting with Awareness workshop creates a safe space for team members to get a deeper understanding and appreciation of our diversity, while at the same time helps us foster a culture of inclusion.

Derrick L. Nelson, Corporate Inclusion & Diversity Manager, AVP, Talent Management, Commerce Bank

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