Brock Seals Activism Art

Brock Seals: Activism Through Art

Multi-media artist Brock Seals brings his work to the Millstone Gallery at COCA for The Artivist. The St. Louis native exhibits work at the intersection of art and activism. Seals’ work, which flows between rap, visual art, and fashion, is shared in this exhibit through all three contexts.

Brock shared with us what it means to an Artivist and how art can be used to make a difference.

COCA: What does it mean to be an Artivist?

Brock: An Artivist is someone who creates change by using their artwork.

COCA: Why is it important to incorporate activism into your art?

Brock: I believe it’s another avenue to address topics that affect us as a community. By using art as a conduit, viewers are able to digest these situations from a creative standpoint.

COCA: How does the city of St. Louis inspire your work?

Brock: Saint Louis inspires me on the daily, which is expressed subconsciously throughout my artwork. This city has taught me to be resilient and to dream beyond my horizons.

COCA: Why did you choose to display your work in the Millstone Gallery at COCA?

Brock: I respect COCA because they give a platform to the youth to express themselves. Being exposed to many art forms while you’re young is essential and can help you to further succeed in the long run.

COCA: What do you hope people take away from The Artivist exhibition?

Brock: I want people to experience what it’s like being a black artist in Saint Louis. I want them to understand the trials that we face on the daily, and ultimately leave inspired enough to stand up for change.

COCA: What advice do you have for young artists?

Brock: Be Consistent. Find a mentor. Try everything. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, everybody’s journey is different.