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Sep 8 — Oct 8


Collective exhibition by Rockette Fox, Sam Gaitsch, Jodi Kolpakov, & Amy Travis

Thick black lines create different sections on a white paper. The sun shining on a desert landscape, characters driving to their jobs, or a dialogue between lovers are immortalized inside comic panels. Historically, illustration specialists have always negotiated with the limits of space: what fits into a speech bubble? What aspects of reality deserve to be protected in a strip? In this exhibition, four women artists redefine the insistence in framing. Their stories reclaim values and identities that not only escape frames but sometimes don’t need them at all. Animated is a celebration of drawings outside stereotypes and the diversity of the St. Louis illustration scene.

Member Reception

SEP 8 | 5:30PM

Gallery Opening Reception

SEP 8 | 6:00PM

Animated Roundtable

OCT 6 | 6:00–7:30PM | Ages 10+ | Free | Register

Animated artists engage with the public in a free roundtable. Comic enthusiasts and illustration artists are invited to hear how illustration helps artists consolidate their political identity and the difficulties to participate within the St. Louis art field as women-identifying creators. Animated artists also share their testimony on how they have used their craft to find their space in different communities, and they give advice to young artists on how to establish a trajectory in the field.

Rockette Fox

Rockette Fox HeadshotRockette Fox is a Korean American artist who specializes in whimsical and dark illustration on goods such as prints, shirts, and bags that highlight inclusion, empowerment, and self-love, as well as jewelry made from semi-precious stones, bones, and more. She has been involved in nonprofit work, performance, storytelling, and received her BFA in Illustration and Design. She defines herself as a visual and tactile creator with a love for the strange and pieces that embolden, empower, and uplift spirits.  

Sam Gaitsch

Sam Gaitsch HeadshotSam Gaitsch is the Dance & Pre-Professional Division Manager at COCA. She is a Rehearsal Assistant for COCAdance 2nd company and teaches Advanced Jazz and Horton technique in addition to her choreographic pursuits. While her choreography often uses humor as a tool for social commentary, her visual art aims to express the psychological and visceral experience of being human. Her experiences as a dancer and queer woman greatly influence how she interacts with the human form in her artwork. She enjoys depicting figures in motion, embodying emotion. She received her MFA (2018) in Dance, and her BA’s (2015) in both Psychology and Dance, with a minor in Visual Art from Washington University in St. Louis. She has worked as a professor, administrator, teaching artist, creative director, dancer, dramaturg, choreographer, and more across the St. Louis region. She has worked in local universities and public schools alike. She has experience choreographing for professional dance and theatre companies as well. She has exhibited her award-winning artwork in galleries across St. Louis and the nation. She enjoys selling her artwork at farmer’s markets on the weekends. When she’s not working, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and spending time in nature with her dog, June. She has an online store and is open for commissions.  


Instagram: @SamGaitsch 

Jodi Kolpakov

Jodi Kolpakov HeadshotJodi Kolpakov is a dynamic visual communicator, dedicated educator, and passionate foodie based in St. Louis. With an insatiable curiosity and a desire to continuously challenge myself, she finds joy in creating diverse art forms, ranging from zines to animated images to expressive caricatures. This constant exploration ensures that her artistic practice remains invigorating and ever evolving. At the heart of her personal work lies a profound fascination with narratives, as I engage in thoughtful reflections on the nuances of time, place, and culture. With a particular focus on the captivating charm of rural Midwestern towns, Jodi focuses on the intricacies of her personal connection with these communities and explores their profound impact on society at large. Additionally, Jodi embarks on research ventures, delving into Soviet themes and their profound influence on visual culture, weaving together diverse threads of inspiration that enrich my creative practice. 

Jodi graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Webster University in 2018, followed by the completion of an MFA in Illustration & Visual Culture from Washington University in St. Louis in 2022. 


Instagram: @sloppyjodi 

Amy Travis

Amy Travis HeadshotAmy Travis, born in 1999 in St. Louis, has been a passionate artist from a young age. Her journey began with a love for drawing, a passion that would shape her future. Amy’s dedication to expanding her knowledge on artistic processes led her to Webster University, where she pursued her education and earned a BFA in Printmaking in 2021. Through her work, Amy aims to bridge the gap between the art world and the everyday person, inviting them to engage with her creations on a personal and accessible level. Her dedication to making art an inclusive experience sets her apart as an artist with a mission, and her commitment to her craft continues to inspire and uplift those who encounter her work. 

Instagram: @amytravisart

Collage of work from Animated gallery exhibition artists

Sep 8 — Oct 8


Collective exhibition by Rockette Fox, Sam Gaitsch, Jodi Kolpakov, & Amy Travis

September 8, 2023 October 8, 2023

6880 Washington Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63130
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