Variable Tuition Rates (VTR)

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COCA offers variable tuition as a program for qualifying students.  

Application Period for 2023–2024 School Year: Now Open

This application period is for Summer Classes and Summer Arts Camps 2023, Fall 2023 Classes, Winter/Spring 2024 Classes, and Spring Break Arts Camps 2024. 

Variable Tuition Application

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We will notify applicants within 5 business days of application submission of their variable tuition status. Applicants must reapply each year. 

Once the variable tuition amount is issued, you may register at the variable tuition rate. Registrations that occur prior to receiving a variable tuition rate cannot be refunded. 

Variable tuition is available regardless of race, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin. It is based on need, and the variable tuition rate is determined on a sliding scale. Variable tuition rates will not be available to an applicant with a past due balance on their account. 

Application Requirements

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Return completed and required documentation to the Registration Office, including:

  • A completed and signed application form.
  • 2022 Federal Income Tax Return (2021 will be accepted for Summer Arts Camp and Summer Class applications submitted before April 15) for all members of the household. COCA does not use Social Security numbers; you may conceal this information. If you do not file taxes, a W-2 or paycheck stub can be provided. Please provide copies as these will not be returned. COCA does not have a public copy machine and cannot provide copies.
  • A copy of any State/Federal benefits that members of your household receive, such as housing assistance, social security, SNAP, etc.
  • Documentation of any child support and/or alimony received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which programs are covered by variable tuition?

Variable tuition rates are available for classes/camps in: 

  • Summer Classes, Summer Arts Camps 
  • Fall Classes 
  • Winter/Spring Classes, Spring Break Arts Camps 

Each student may use a maximum participation (at variable tuition rate) in: 

  • For Class: 1 class, per student, per semester 
  • For Camp: 1 full week of camp (2 half days, or 1 full day); Before Care & After Care for 1 week are also eligible for the variable tuition rate 

If I apply now, do I have to apply again for future semesters?

You only apply once per year, which covers the following semesters: 

  • Summer Classes, Summer Arts Camps 
  • Fall Classes 
  • Winter/Spring Classes, Spring Break Arts Camps 

How do you calculate my variable tuition rate?

Variable tuition rates are on a sliding scale, income-based program. We look at the total income coming into the household and divide it by how many people are living in the household. We compare that number to our scale, which is updated annually based on the HUD guidelines. 

What if my income doesn’t accurately reflect my current financial situation?

Check the box on “Part 3: Financial Information” on your application. This will prompt a conversation with one of our Registrars, giving you the opportunity to let us know what those factors are. We will take these into consideration when calculating your variable tuition rate. 

Who can use the variable tuition issued?

Variable tuition rates may only be used by the persons listed on this application. Variable tuition rates cannot be applied to another person or held over from one semester to the next. 

We value participation and want to ensure that enrollment spots are well utilized, thus, consistent attendance is a consideration for continuation of the variable tuition rate. Accounts must not have an overdue balance to receive a variable tuition rate for the next semester. 

What costs can I expect?

Registration fees are exempt from variable tuition rates. All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. 

For a student registering for more than 1 class per semester, or more than 1 week of camp, any additional classes or camps will be charged at the full tuition amount. 

Variable tuition rates may only be applied toward 1 class per semester and 1 week of camps. 

After you receive your variable tuition rate code, you are responsible for the remaining amount of tuition (which can be put on a payment plan if you wish). 

Variable tuition is not eligible for: 

  • Master classes and other special offerings 
  • Transportation, clothes, shoes, or supplies needed for the class 

What happens after I submit my completed application?

Variable tuition rates will be emailed within 5 business days after submitting the application with instructions on how to register using your rate. 

Registration forms should be submitted AFTER you are notified about your variable tuition rate. We cannot apply a rate to previous registrations, or register for the class at the same time we accept the application for a variable tuition rate.

When do I need to apply again?

Variable tuition applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. All applicants must submit a new variable tuition application each year during the application period. The next application period will open January 22, 2024 (this application period will cover 2024 Summer Arts Camps, 2024 Summer Classes, 2024 Fall Classes, 2025 Spring Break Camps, and 2025 Winter/Spring Classes). 

Variable tuition is issued on a first come, first served basis, as funds allow. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

Variable tuition is formerly known as COCA’s tuition assistance program. 


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