Tallulah Lyons Recording at Clayton Studios

Songwriting Intensive Students Receive Advanced Training from Professional Teaching Artist Michael Beatty 

Michael Beatty, NYC Actor, Singer, and Broadway Vocal Coach, is looking forward to leading the COCA Songwriting Intensive again this summer, June 17–21. During the week-long intensive, Beatty will work with students to create, refine, and rehearse songs from a variety of musical styles. Beatty’s multidisciplined background in singing, acting, songwriting, and recording paired with his professional experience helps students to discover and develop their potential as performing artists. 

COCA student Tallulah Lyons participated in the Songwriting Intensive for the first time last summer—and she’s eager to return! 

“Working with Michael Beatty was eye-opening, as he gave me so many useful pointers for composing that I still use to this day,” said Tallulah. “Sharing your work can be a very vulnerable thing, so it was awesome to have so much support from my teacher and peers.” 

The Songwriting Intensive is designed for singers, musicians, and songwriters, ages 14–18, looking to create lyrics and melodies that tell a story and reflect their own voice. Students will hone their personal songwriting style; the intensive concludes with a visit to Clayton Studios to record their songs.  

“Recording at Clayton Studios was the highlight of the intensive because I was able to experience firsthand what it’s like to produce a professional recording,” said Tallulah. 

There’s still time to register for the Songwriting Intensive! Interested students should contact Phil Woodmore at pwoodmore@cocastl.org and share their reasons for interest and musical background as well as any musical instruments they play and would want to include in their work.