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COCAbiz offers regularly scheduled talks and workshops to spark creativity and conversation.

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Corporate Training

The best and brightest companies across St. Louis (and beyond) have used our customized, immersive training in leadership, communication, collaboration and ideation.

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Upcoming bizSESSION:Creativity Unbound: The Need for Urban Experimentation

Join us for our next bizSESSION on January 15 featuring speaker Gabriella Montez-Mont who will draw from her experiences leading Laboratorio para la Ciudad to address the role of government, citizens and businesses to encourage social, economic and political inventiveness for our urban futures.

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At a time when innovative thinking and imaginative problem solving are seen as the most critical tools for addressing business challenges, the arts can provide powerful methods for integrating these skills into the workplace.

COCAbiz programs bring thoughtful, social and curious individuals together in an intelligent and engaging atmosphere, inspiring business professionals to explore new approaches and emerging ideas across industries.

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