Arts Integration Programming

  • Arts Integrated Campus: Campus engages in partnership with COCA at multiple levels and includes arts integration as a critical part of their overall vision and goals. COCA provides support for implementing and maximizing programming throughout the building and over the course of the year.
  • STEM to STEAM: Campus values arts integration within the STEM setting and partners classroom science teachers with COCA teaching artists for multi-week residencies.
  • Arts Integration Residency: Campus values arts integration within the general education classroom. COCA teaching artists partner with classroom teachers to engage in a multi-week interdisciplinary unit.

Our Arts Integration Model

Arts integration incorporates the arts throughout the learning process by infusing some form of art, such as theatre, music, dance, drawing, poetry, or other expression of creativity into the core curriculum.

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Arts Integration in Action

See how COCAedu’s arts integration residencies use the arts to help students learn.

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