The Kid at the Edge of Everything Cast

In Their Own Words: Cody Floyd Brings Insight into Their Costume Design Process

Meet Cody Floyd, the costume designer for the upcoming COCApresents production of The Kid at the Edge of Everything. Cody has had a passion for fashion since childhood, experimenting with Halloween costumes alongside their mother and grandmother. This interest in fashion led to them obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design in 2016. 

Cody Floyd Headshot
Cody Floyd, Costume Designer for The Kid at the Edge of Everything

“My time in college was split between the fashion department and the costume shop which allowed me to experience the difference in design philosophies and sewing techniques. I’ve been expanding that knowledge ever since,” says Cody.  

Cody has been working at COCA for just over two years now and is currently involved in the costume department as Costume Assistant. The costume drafting process for the production began in December 2023, and the designs were finalized by February 2024. 

“During that time my efforts were focused on finding inspiration for The Kid’s other-worldly ensemble and creating a version of earthling attire that fit the mood of the play. After deciding on initial silhouettes and color options, I look at the entire cast as a whole as well as in their individual scenes to make sure everybody looks unique to their character while all existing in the same world,” says Cody.  

Designing costumes for an entire cast takes a lot of effort. Cody has to consider each character’s outfit in the context of their role while also ensuring that each costume meshes well with the entire cast.  

“Costumes are usually the first impression the audience has of a character before they speak. For me, it is always important to understand the world these characters live in and how their unique personalities affect how they choose to present themselves in that world. Colors, shapes, and textures all carry meaning within them, and part of costuming is creating a language with your designs that touch on the audience’s understanding of their own world as reference,” says Cody.  

As Cody’s preparation for the production concludes, they reflect on the creative process and their collaboration with the cast. 

“My favorite part about these productions is working with the students and finding new ways to craft in our shop. Just in this show alone, we’ve experimented with light-reactive paint and electronic lighting effects within the costumes themselves. It’s always great to talk with the students and craft these characters with them during their fittings and find ways to get them excited about their character’s personal style,” says Cody.  

The production of The Kid at the Edge of Everything premieres on April 19–20. Be sure to experience Cody’s costumes take center stage. Purchase tickets for The Kid at the Edge of Everything.