COCA Improv Troupe

Join Us for A Night of Improv Fun at COCA

Pre-Professional Division students in COCA’s Improv Troupe are getting ready for a night of improv fun at their Improv Troupe Winter Performance, December 3–4.

Audiences should get ready for a little bit of the unexpected as these improv artists weave comedy and sketch together. Improv Troupe puts their talents on full display for a performance your whole family will not want to miss!

We had the opportunity to talk with Ed Reggi, Director of Improv Troupe, about improv and what audiences can expect with this performance. Here’s what he had to share:

What can audiences expect from a COCA Improv Troupe Performance?

Ed: You can expect an evening of audience-activated comedy! Improv is one of the most interactive styles of theatre that allows the audience to participate at times with offering suggestions to the improv games the students will be performing. The element of surprise throughout the evening is felt and produces a lot of authentic laughter!

Why do you love improv?

Ed: Improvisation reminds me of how I feel when I am around a group of my closest friends or family and we are having a good time sharing stories or playing a game. It’s that same feeling when you finish each other sentences and the results are nothing short of belly laughter. It’s also that feeling I have when I watch the outtakes of a good movie or tv show—you know the blooper reel. Improv has this magical framework where the audience is on everything and often the players on stage are the outsiders trying to figure it all out. This is where the comedy happens!

I have an extra ticket to the show, who should I bring with me and what should we do to make a night of coming to the performance?

Ed: You should bring your best friend or friends who need a good laugh. Everyone needs to release some pressure, and improv is such a lovely way to laugh. It’s that same laughter we all had when we were little and playing with our friends. There is a pure childlike feeling when we watch improv that makes it perfect for every audience to enjoy. I also think a great way to make it a lovely night would be to play some of the games after the show maybe on the drive home or in your living room!