COCA Pre-Professional Division PPD Theatre Artist Seniors

Meet COCA’s Pre-Professional Division Theatre Artist Seniors

COCA’s Pre-Professional Division Theatre Artist seniors will perform for the first time in the Catherine B. Berges Theatre for the upcoming productions of Harmonious, May 13–14, and Spring Improv Troupe, May 16. Virtual and limited in-person tickets are available.

COCA’s 2021 Theatre Artist Seniors:

Kymora Gentry

“COCA has played a big role in my Musical Theatre career, from performing to making long lasting relationships. COCA has helped me grow as a performer as well as a person.”

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), BA in the Theater and Production Program.

Lucy Myerscough

“I started taking classes at COCA eight years ago through the TIP program. If it weren’t for the opportunities that that program opened up to me so long ago, I don’t think I would have ended up having the COCA experience I have had. I started in the PPD six years ago. I have made so many friends and I have had so many amazing artistic experiences that I don’t know how to put into words my appreciation for this place.”

Loyola University Chicago, studying education

Marie Garlich

“I started taking classes just over a year ago at COCA in 2019. I felt way behind where I wanted to be. Now as a senior, I feel like I have come so far thanks to COCA. My dance technique and overall confidence has improved so much.”

Southeast Missouri State, BA in Theatre

Nikki Prodes

“My time in the PPD has been short, but it’s changed my life. I received coaching from Michael James Reed and Jenny Wintzer. They have both helped me tremendously…Everyone at COCA has always been so nice to me and helped me strive to get better. What COCA has done for me in just this past year means the absolute world to me. I can now confidently say that I’m ready to take on more theatre and give it my all.”

Chicago College of Performing Arts