Program registration for RSIA 2022 opens August 13!

About the Regional Summer Intensive Auditions

The Regional Summer Intensive Auditions (RSIA) in St. Louis, are a collaborative audition opportunity, bringing together a variety of dance programs at one time for dancers to audition for summer intensive programs as well as trainee positions. RSIA attracts an average of 225 students per year. In 2020, we had students from 21 different states represented at the auditions and over 23 programs in attendance. Although COVID-19 caused us to shift our auditions last year, we now have the skills and tools to be able to provide programs the opportunity for either in-person or recorded auditions, allowing you to choose whichever fits your needs.

Student participation and sample classes will be offered in-person only while following COCA’s Health and Safety Protocols.

COCA will host auditions on-site for students led by our accomplished teaching artists and accompanists. After the audition weekend (January 15 and 16, 2022), participating programs will receive all video links to the audition, student registration forms, photos, and contact information electronically. By recording the auditions, instead of live streaming, this provides flexibility to the participating programs to view auditions on their own schedule and time zones.

Program Registration
To register your program to attend, complete the registration form at the bottom of this page. Program participation fee is $150 and includes one representative; $75 per additional representative.

If you’d prefer to join us virtually, programs can register for $125 and receive all the audition video links, audition forms, student photos and resumes electronically at the conclusion of the weekend.

What is the fee to participate?

The program participation fee is $150 and includes one representative ($75 per additional representative) OR $125 to join virtually.

How do I register?

To register, complete the Registration Form located at the bottom of this page. Once you’ve submitted the Registration Form, our Registration department will reach out to confirm and provide an invoice. Invoices must be paid and materials received by September 27 to have your organization’s logo included in our promotional materials.

When will registration open for students?

Audition information and registration will be available through COCA’s website. Registration for students will open on November 1.

Who will conduct the auditions?

We have accomplished dance teachers who will give ballet, pointe and modern combinations for the dance audition.

What information will participating programs receive from students?

In addition to the video audition links, participating organizations will receive an electronic copy of every student’s application, photos and resume at the conclusion of the weekend.

How can I sign up to offer a Sample Class?

Sample Classes will be held on Friday, January 14. Let us know of your interest in offering a Sample Class on the registration form below.

Who follows up with students following the audition?

It is the responsibility of each organization to follow-up with students regarding their acceptance to your summer program. The manner in which your organization communicates with students should be consistent with your normal practice (i.e., notify immediately following audition, only contact those accepted, emails to all who participated).

What opportunities are available for additional promotion of our organization and programs at RSIA?

COCA hosts a Summer Opportunities Fair in conjunction with the Regional Summer Intensive Auditions for parents and students to learn more about your summer intensive programs. One table will be provided per program registration.

COCA provides a master calendar to parents and students with summer program information, dates and locations for all participating programs. We will share your organization logo, a brief description and a link to your website on our event page.

Program Registration

If you have questions regarding the 2022 Regional Summer Intensive Auditions at COCA, contact Kelly Ging at

COCA’s Registration Office will contact you to complete your registration and collect payment. At this time, we will confirm the number of representatives who will attend.