Students in Allegro

Voice Program Begins Next Chapter Under the Direction of Dr. Philip Woodmore 

After a seven-year hiatus, Dr. Philip A. Woodmore returned to COCA to serve as our first Artistic Director of Voice. Dr. Woodmore is excited to bring his experience—from producing an Off-Broadway show and performing all over the world with various choirs—back to COCA. Dr. Woodmore’s work with Allegro Vocal Company elevates the voices of our youth and opens a door for their creativity to shine and find their place as artists. 

Hear from Dr. Woodmore about his exciting plans for the Voice Program at COCA and his upcoming work with our Pre-Professional Division vocal students in Allegro Vocal Company below.

As you get settled into your new role, what are your first steps?  

I am really enjoying my return to COCA. Everyone has been super supportive and helpful as I made this major transition from running my own business to returning to the arts nonprofit world. The first part of this major shift was envisioning the things I wanted to add to enhance my program as well and finding new energy amongst the students and returning and new faculty. This has been a step-by-step process for me, but I am encouraged and excited for what is ahead in the coming semesters. 

What are your goals as Artistic Director of Voice? 

I am looking to do a slight revamp of the curriculum to offer additional engaging courses for students around topics of vocal health, musical theatre history, voice pedagogy, sight singing, ear training, and other pertinent skills that will allow for our student’s success. 

I also want to continue growing out Junior Company to bring in more master artist teachers on the company level to give our students a unique perspective and elevate our end of semester performances.  

What are you most looking forward to with the Voice Program this year?  

Inspiring the students to live in the joy of music. My passion is always guiding a student to their spark, regardless of if it is in the arts or another area. Helping a student find and grow in their passion is always a win for me. I love watching kids light up when it comes to music work, performances, and outreach opportunities. I look forward to all of this in the coming years with the COCA Voice Program. 

You’ve brought back COCA’s Allegro Vocal Company and there’s new energy around the company. Can you share what we can expect from the Vocal Company this year? 

Dynamic performances! Fun shows! Memorable experiences and authenticity in our work. I look forward to sharing this new energy with our community this weekend at Joyful

Tell us what excites you about the upcoming COCApresents Season. 

I love all the unique experiences you can have at COCA throughout the year. I hope to see more of our community attend these amazing events. 

What inspires you in your work? 

Music is my passion; it has been since I was young. I love that I have the opportunity to base my career and life’s work surrounding music and share that with others in such a real way.


Celebrate the winter season in song with a variety of music performed by COCA’s Pre-Professional Division students in Allegro Vocal Company for Joyful. The concert showcases all styles of music and includes a jazz piece, a pop ballad, and musical theatre, as well as original works written by Dr. Woodmore. Joyful is the first mainstage concert for Allegro Vocal Company and features the Senior and Junior companies.

Purchase tickets to Joyful on December 16 at 6:00PM in the Catherine B. Berges Theatre at COCA.