COCAedu’s Professional Development Workshops are available for booking at district or school in-service days. Topics covered include instructional methods, classroom management, and planning and lesson development.

Outside In: Paint for Peace Professional Development Workshop

WED, SEP 14, 2016 | 4:30–7:00PM | K–8 TEACHERS

Learn how to engage students in lessons and dialogue about COCA’s exhibit Outside In: Paint for Peace using visual art, observation and description.


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Program Contact
Eileen Manganaro

Recent Workshops

Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD & the Arts: Insight into Students with Atypical Wiring
Diane Davenport and Maria Ojascastro
Educators, administrators and parents were invited to learn how the arts can be used in the classroom to engage all students, especially those with Aspergers, Autism, ADHD and other related conditions. This workshop used hands-on exercises to teach participants how to integrate the visual and performing arts across the curriculum. Participants left with tools they could comfortably use immediately.

Examining Trauma through Expressive Arts
Maria Ojascastro and Erika Ottolini
In many cases, art is an appropriate, and sometimes the only, means for healing and strength following trauma. Teaching artist Maria Ojascastro and therapist Erika Ottolini took participants through hands-on visual art exercises that create a safe environment for expressive art, and provided instructions on how to reproduce these experiences.

Incorporating Rhythms and Dance into your Classroom
Lieschen Fink
Rhythms and dance can enhance your curriculum by creating an active and engaging learning environment. Teaching artiss Lieschen Fink taught easy, fun lessons and routines to teachers, dancers, and non-dancers. Dance styles featured include Creative/Modern, Square Dance, Latin/Zumba/Hip Hop and Line Dance.

iPad for the Classroom: Creating Media
Aaron Holdmeyer
The iPad’s streamlined media production tools allow students to explore and communicate ideas through the creative processes of video and audio production. This workshop helped teachers to reach a comfort level that allowed them to use the iPad in their classroom and develop related assessment and instructional strategies.

When Drama Comes Alive in the Classroom
Diane Davenport
This interactive session addressed how using creative drama activities reinforces curriculum concepts in arts-based classes as well a other curricular areas. These activities and strategies support literacy core standards of reading, listening, speaking and writing across the curriculum. The theory of multiple intelligences is also integrated within these activities. Participants left with recipes for using drama as a tool for deeply engaging students in active learning.