The COCA parking lot is closed Monday, April 24 – Wednesday May 3, for COCAcabana. Parking is available behind Cicero’s on Delmar and throughout the Loop. Please be mindful of parking restrictions on the streets near COCA. Thank you.
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March 2017

Harlem Renaissance: Contemporary Response

The Harlem Renaissance is credited as one of the most creative and intellectually productive eras in African American history and for its lasting influence on American culture. From its beginning...
March 24May 14
April 2017

COCAcabana 2017: Jumpin’ Jubilee

COCAcabana 2017 Jumpin’ Jubilee is a birthday bash celebrating 30 years of creative arts! In honor of this milestone we’re going to raise a ruckus! Guests are encouraged to wear bright colors...
April 28 @ 6:00PM11:00PM
May 2017

Disney’s The Lion King JR Auditions

The African Savanna comes to life with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle and back again in this inspiring, coming-of-age...
May 5May 6

COCA Student Dance Showcase

Enjoy the culminating performances of Intermediate dance classes. Three dance showcases are the culminating event for children, teens and adults enrolled in dance classes during the 2016-17 season....
May 5 @ 6:00PMMay 6 @ 2:00PM

COCA Hip-Hop Crew Auditions

Current Junior/Apprentice company members and dancers new to COCA should plan to audition. Advance registration is required. Students auditioning for more than one company (two maximum) must register...
May 7 @ 12:30PM5:00PM

Student Vocal Company Auditions

For Allegro and Adagio, COCA’s vocal ensembles, students should prepare one song and bring sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Allegro’s season runs September-May. *Note: There...
May 7 @ 3:00PM5:00PM