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Summer Voice Intensive Aims to Bring Out the Actor in Every Singer

For vocalists, pitch, diction and other “technical” skills are constantly being fine tuned, but at COCA this June, Michael Beatty will be stressing another quality to young singers: the importance of acting in vocal performance. “As a coach for clients that include young performing artists, pop rock/gospel singers and Broadway performers, I can tell you… Read More

On Thursday, February 9, CEO and General Manager of SoulPancake Shabnam Mogharabi will visit COCA for our next bizSESSION: Why Joy is Good for Business. In preparation, Director of COCAbiz Steve Knight explores this topic further.  Work is serious, right? What’s joy got to do with it? Work is getting things done, work is about… Read More

Note: The original version of this post was published on COCA Executive Director Kelly Pollock’s blog on November 16, 2016. To view more posts by Pollock during her 2016 Eisenhower Fellowship, visit her blog: https://kellylpollock.wordpress.com.  My time in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte flew by and I am way behind on sharing my journey! The people… Read More