Curator in Residence, Yvonne Osei, interviews four participants in Text as Visual Language, our cross-disciplinary exhibition, which closes on May 19, 2019. These responses by artists Clayton Petras, Amari Arrinell, Jennifer Lin and Sophie Lin give deeper insights to the relationship between text and visual language, as well as the caliber or artists and artworks… Read More

In 1881, Edgar Degas presented The Little Dancer of 14 years at The Sixth Impressionist Exhibition in Paris. His intention was to portray an everyday, Parisian girl who dreamed of a career in ballet. The public, more accustomed to seeing idealized versions of women portrayed in art, were not pleased, to say the least. In… Read More

Many people remember their first theatre experience as a child: The lights go low, quiet sweeps the seats and you sit still, waiting for the action to begin. It can be a magical experience.┬áBut for a large number of children and families, the dark settings along with the surprises and loud noises of live performances… Read More