Written By: Lee Anne Mathews, COCAbiz Program Assistant Did you know that research suggests that over 70% of women suffer from Imposter Syndrome? I am talking about intelligent, resilient, powerful, successful, compassionate, talented, extraordinary women. And still, we worry that we aren’t good enough. Argh! We have been conditioned to question our own abilities since… Read More

Founder and Managing Director of digitalundivided (DID), Kathryn Finney is kind of a big deal. An honors graduate of Yale University and Rutgers University, Kathryn received the Champion of Change Award in 2013 from the White House for her work increasing inclusion in the tech industry and is an Eisenhower Fellow. But accolades aside, this… Read More

On Thursday, February 9, CEO and General Manager of SoulPancake Shabnam Mogharabi will visit COCA for our next bizSESSION: Why Joy is Good for Business. In preparation, Director of COCAbiz Steve Knight explores this topic further.  Work is serious, right? What’s joy got to do with it? Work is getting things done, work is about… Read More