COCAYouthVision: UCHS Students Present Artwork in Millstone Gallery

From May 10–19 in the Millstone Gallery at COCA, students from COCA’s University City High School residency present their artwork in an exhibition named Amalgamation. The word amalgamation is defined as the process of merging two or more things into a single body. The exhibition consists of two or more art pieces submitted by students ranging from grades 9–12.

Beginning on February 27, Karla Aguilar, COCA’s former curator-in-residence, began the residency with UCHS students to create their artwork for the exhibition. Throughout March, students were led through five studio sessions at UCHS with Fox Smith, one of our COCA teaching artists. Students came to COCA to view Douglas Dale’s exhibition Loose Threads and collaborated with Dale throughout April.

A Black Woman’s Connection by Mondis

One of the pieces by participating artist Mondis is named A Black Woman’s Connection. With the use of paint, press-on nails, clay, wire, and aluminum foil, Mondis constructed a figure depicting a microphone shooting out of a woman’s hand to represent his family’s connection to music. This artwork represents connection, tradition, and celebration.

Zooey by Zooey

Zooey created a portrait consisting of graphite and colored pencil shading to depict a cartoon-style character in front of a dark, hazy backdrop painted with watercolor. The contrast between the character and backdrop creates a contrast to make the focal point of the artwork stand out. There is also great attention to detail in the texture of the sweater.

Jellyfish by Kenirah

Kenirah resourcefully constructed a jellyfish by using the bottom of a pretzel container for the body and covering it with plastic wrap to give it a reflective finish. The jellyfish has bracelet cords for tentacles and is hung from the ceiling. It is adorned with beads and rhinestones to create different shapes throughout.

Bre’s Wonderland by Breanna

Breanna created Bre’s Wonderland, an art piece comprising of pen and watercolor. Breanna layered watercolor to create shading and patterns. Upon closer inspection, the portrait reveals small, thoughtful details. Breanna has been sketching since elementary school and is self-taught.

COCAYouthVision teaches student artists the skills to work in a studio and refine their pieces for the exhibition. This program allows artists to find their unique voice and make a statement not only at COCA but within the St. Louis arts scene. COCA provided exposure to students with artistic professionals and provided materials and transportation for the field trip to view Douglas Dale’s exhibition.

To view the rest of these students’ work, visit the Millstone Gallery up until May 19 during regular business hours. The Millstone Gallery is free and open to the public.