Leading Ladies Participants in Inaugural session

Leading Ladies Participant Shares Highlights from Training Program Experience

Jasmine Rangel, Senior Admissions Specialist at Rung for Women, participated in the inaugural Leading Ladies cohort with COCAbiz. Jasmine reflects on the Leading Ladies training program experience below.

Which Leading Ladies session had the most impact on you? 

I truly enjoyed each of our sessions because each stretched me in different ways. The improv class was great because it took me out of my comfort zone to stand up in front of peers and to think quickly on my feet.

I think the biggest impact was our values sessions. I know my organization’s missions and values, but it had been a while since I had revisited my own. In the session we went over the values, people, actions, and things that are important to us. I keep my post it note with my answers in the front of my planner so that I can see it each day and remember my “whys.” 

What was your key takeaway from the Leading Ladies training program?

My key takeaway was that we all bring unique and important views to the table. It was refreshing to meet other women in the St. Louis area who are working to make the region a better place. Often times we don’t make space for ourselves but for others and we need to take care of ourselves as well. 

How is Leading Ladies different from other leadership cohorts?

Leading Ladies is different than other leadership cohorts in that it takes you out of a traditional classroom setting so that you can stretch your mind and body. It isn’t a lecture style class where you just sit and listen. You are truly engaged and moving to get the most out of your time. I think the variety of sessions you have also keeps you interested and engaged. 

Who would you recommend Leading Ladies to?

I would recommend Leading Ladies to any woman who is ready to invest in herself in a truly unique way. Leading Ladies helped me to gain the confidence to go after the things I knew I was deserving of but hadn’t had the push to do so yet. I think this is great for any woman whether you are just starting your career or have been in your field for years, you will gain so much from your time!


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