Our Patron Services team is available to answer your questions, provide technology support, and assist in making virtual classes possible for your family. Our Patron Services team can be reached by email at patronservices@cocastl.org, or by phone at 314.725.6555.

1. Do I have to have a special software?

In the event your class incorporates the Zoom platform, you may be prompted to download Zoom when you click the link for your first class. Sign up for Zoom is free. We recommend accessing Zoom ahead of time at www.zoom.us to make sure you’re familiar and comfortable. Other than that, no special software is needed.

Zoom Tutorial: Zoom 101 Sign Up and Download Meeting Client:

Zoom Tutorial: Joining a Meeting

Zoom Tutorial: Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

2. In general, how long are virtual classes?

While you should expect some fluctuation depending on the type of content and discipline, each virtual class’s duration will be listed when you register.

3. What kind of floor is safe for tap dancing?

If you have a sheet of plywood handy or other hard surface you don’t mind getting a little beat up, that works great. Otherwise, you can exchange your tap shoes for sneakers to still get some great practice while not doing any damage to the floors at home.

4. Do I have to wear my leotard for dance classes?

While you certainly can, this is not mandatory. Wear what you have and come comfortable. The important thing is to have fun while we learn together.